At Rentalsanjuan Property Services we understandthe importance of making a decision on whome to manage your property, and we are grateful to you for considering us and understanding that you can trust in our professional services for your peace of mind.


Our keyholding service in San Juan de los Terreros guarantees you a totally professional service and you can rest assured knowing that your property is totally safe in our hands.

We retain the keys for your Terreros property in our safe and, when requested, make them available to the owner, your guests or a tradesman.

We will hold the keys for your Terreros property which we are responsible for, and we will respond to any incident should the property have an alarm or for any other reason. A fast response to any activated alarm is paramount to ensure your property in San Juan is safe.

As a nominated key holder, we are available should any emergency occur and we will deal with any problems on your behalf.

With our key holding company is San Juan de los Terreros, you are assured a professional service which gives you peace of mind in knowing that your property has a totally safe and secure retention of your keys.

The Keyholding package includes the following services:

  • Keys held in secure location
  • Keys available for workmen or guests
  • Keys are only made available by written (or e-mail) consent
  • Keys held in case of loss or theft

** This service is solely for holding a spare key to your property. No visits are made to the property. **

The anual charge for this service is €70, which is less than 20 cents per day.


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